Gourmet Sandwiches/Wraps/Baguettes

All Served on rye or white bread, gluten free option available

 Choose one or mix and match

  • Chicken, Avocado and Homemade Mayo
  • Beef, Chutney and Lettuce
  • Turkey, Camembert Cheese and Cranberry
  • Chicken and Salad with or without Relish
  • Beef, Cheese and Chutney
  • Ham, Tomato, Mesclun Lettuce with Seeded Mustard
  • Cajun Chicken with Cheese and Mesclun Lettuce
  • Cucumber and Cream Cheese
  • Blue Cheese, Pear, Rocket and Walnut
  • Salmon, Rocket with Dill Cream Cheese
  • Continental Mixed Meats, Sundried Tomatoes and Jarlsberg Cheese
  • Tuna, Sweet Corn, Mesclun Lettuce and Aioli
  • Prosciutto, Roasted Red Peppers, Rocket and Herb Aioli

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