Catergirls – food that’s good for your heart and soul

Hosting an event but not sure what to put on the menu? We can help.

Whether it’s an intimate birthday party or a large corporate function, we can create an exciting menu that fits your theme and your budget. With offerings ranging from flavourful finger foods to exotic desserts, Catergirls have the right ingredients to make your next event a smash.

While catering is our passion, we are not your average catering company. Catergirls provides workplace training and a pathway of hope to the women of the Esther Foundation Program. So while your guests are enjoying a fantastic meal, you are helping to change lives.

Need fresh and fabulous food for your next event? Contact us today.


Proudly bought to you by The Esther Foundation
Catergirls are a proud partner of the Esther Foundation; an extensive and award winning young women's residential health, development and leadership program based in South Perth.